Astronomy done right – Chris Impey on the Essentials

Most science documentaries these days are heavy on the kabooms and light on content. Prof. Chris Impey of the University of Arizona reverses this trend in Essential Astronomy – a ten lecture series that works equally well with video or without as a podcast. From past to present with some glimpses of the future, it’s documentary as it should be.

[November 2015:  The original Chris Impey Essential Astronomy videos have disappeared from Youtube.  They have reappeared in different editions with added borders and modified audio but it seems that the original uploads were unauthorized and that these are attempts to skirt Youtube’s infringement detectors.  The playlist now points to a different set of lectures from different sources]

[January 2019: The backup playlist of Impey videos has also disappeared. See below for a playlist of Impey’s office hours for his online students]

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