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Another look back – The Guardian and András Schiff’s lectures on the Beethoven piano sonatas

In 2006, The Guardian did the world immeasurable service by presenting  András Schiff’s Wigmore lectures on the Beethoven Piano Sonatas. No light survey this – 33 comprehensive talks (“Hammerklavier” is rightly a two-parter),  explored and presented expertly by the irascible Hungarian-born virtuoso who speaks as eloquently as he plays.  Media outlets usually remake their sites every year or so, whether they need it or not. Links and content usually get plowed under. Not so here. This collection of gems is still where it was and available, for free.  Whenever I get a new computer, change  operating systems, or upgrade hard disks,  my downloaded set of the complete series is at the top of the restore queue.

A couple of favorites with links to the IMSLP score pages: