Artists crunching numbers – MFA walkout at USC

Via Arts Journal and Hyperallergic: A full complement of this year’s MFA students have elected to leave USC’s school for such things.

Entire First-Year MFA Class Drops Out in Protest at the University of Southern California

by Matt Stromberg

LOS ANGELES — Citing “the University’s unethical treatment of its students,” the entire class of first year MFA students at USC’s Roski School of Art has decided to leave the school, according to a statement they released today. The seven students listed a number of grievances leading to their decision, beginning with a significant decrease to the generous tuition subsidization that they had expected before their acceptance to the program. They also criticized the school’s administration that “did not value the Program’s faculty structure, pedagogy or standing in the arts community.” As a result, they say, the Program Director left in December 2014, followed by the resignation of tenured professor Frances Stark.

It’s a great read of a highly principled stand.  It’s even moreso because given the financial analysis that the affected students have presented on top of their educational concerns and arguments.   Here’s to the artists using the tools of the MBAs to turn the tables on them.

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