The part of Amanda Wingfield will be played by the City of Los Angeles

L.A. has built quite an industry around “as good as.” Our universities, orchestras, theatres, industries, and startups are “just as good as” elsewhere. And world-class, to boot. Usually the glance lands on Chicago before locking onto New York. Gotham doesn’t glance back but methodically repeats its big lie and reaps the benefits. A considered strategy, backed by money, implemented consistently, with a strong fifth column.

So, where does that leave Los Angeles which does in fact have some nice things? Usually whining about places that don’t or won’t acknowledge its past, present, or potential future. Now the glance turns to San Francisco. Dennis Romero of what’s left of the the LA Weekly encourages Angelenos to start hating San Franciscans. It is sad collection of lists, reeking of high school rivalries, desperation, and ambiguous geography. Just about any argument for or against LA can be supported by where the boundary is drawn. It could have been just-another throwaway article in a once-alternative weekly. Unfortunately, ArtsJournal picked it up and now this swill has worldwide distribution. Fortunately, the comments provide some corrective.

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