Project: Universe reappears on Youtube

The Coast Community College District crafted an excellent distance learning course in astronomy in the late 1970s. ‘Project Universe’ featured Griffith Observatory Director Edwin Krupp and notables from the planetary, space, and astronomical sciences explaining the basics through to the state of the art at the time. I used to watch these episodes when I came home from school on Bay Area PBS affiliates and I still feel their influence. It was science explained rigorously by practitioners before the advent of media clowns. Some of the questions from that era have been answered but much still remains to be explained.

The series popped up on Youtube in 2014 but was taken down fairly quickly. I don’t know why but the College District objected. It has resurfaced and although the sound and video quality aren’t the best, it is well worth a look. I hope that the CCCD relents and makes these broadly available, perhaps allowing eager volunteers to remaster these classic episodes.

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