Donors Wanted, Dead or Alive

Preferably dead.

I used to attend LA Phil concerts regularly, subscribed for a number of years, and donated through an affiliate group. I haven’t attended in some time due to the relentless push to staged opera, video extravaganzas, the persistence of Vitameatavegamin, John Adams, and the rest of that mob. The promise of Dudamel, so high after seeing him and his Bolivarians in 2007, has been dashed.

To their substantial credit, Borda and Co. have replaced me and my like with others receptive to this vision and the organization is very, very healthy. But it is impossible to get off the mailing lists of a group that has (or should have) few empty seats.  Full color brochures and postcards still arrive, telemarketers call about Disney Hall and Hollywood Bowl offers.  The latter are quite knowledgeable, have discussed my reasons for not re-upping, and promise to click the buttons to unsubscribe me.  It never takes, though.  Now, some Big Data algorithm has told management that the Reaper will soon be at my door.   This email is rather unnerving.  Click for a zoomable image.


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