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Second childhood: Techmoan’s new old tech

You’ve reached “a certain age” when the unaffordable supercosmic products of your youth have gone through at least one cycle of obsolescence and have been rediscovered as charming antiques by succeeding generations.  Vacuum tubes, LPs, cassettes, and laserdiscs are back after a fashion and the prices for old analog are reaching baseball card levels.

Meet Mat from the Merrie Olde.  His oddly named Techmoan blog and Youtube channel feature his charming analyses of old devices in a modern light.  There’s lots of tech but no actual moaning.  The videos are homemade, exceptionally well-crafted, and balance historical perspective with teardowns, light repairs, reviews, and comparisons of old against new where old often wins.  He’s been at it since 2009 but I only learned about him recently.

His presentation of the German Tefifon is a good example:

Youtube Channel: Techmoan

If that scratches an itch, here’s his RetroTech playlist:

The international man of mystery is also a trenchant comedian with a flair for puppets.


Strangely soothing… the rhythm of baking

Check out King Arthur Flour’s six part series ‘Techniques for the Professional Baker’. Even non-to-amateur bakers can enjoy the dough wrangling, shaping, and baking. The underappreciated difference between the home kitchen and the production environment is expertly presented with reserve and understatement.

The King Arthur company’s web presence is very well done. The firm and its design team, assuming they went outside, must have hit it off very well.